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Unlocked C1 plywood desk and chair

C1 Desk & Chair

Sized slightly smaller than a typical desk and chair, the C1 Set is versatile enough to be used by anyone aged 8 and up.

$100-250* *Shipping included

Unlocked C2 plywood chair

C2 Desk & Chair

A larger version of the C1 chair design - the C2 chair is a standard size great for a home office or college student.

$130-295* *Shipping included

Unlocked toddler plywood table and chairs

Toddler Table & Chairs

Sized for ages 1-4, the Toddler table and 2 chairs is constructed using the same technique as the C1 and C2 sets.

$200-250* *Shipping included

Unlocked plywood circle car

Circle Car

This small wooden toy car is constructed from the same 3/4" baltic birch plywood as our C1 sets and is perfect for gripping with little hands.

$20* *Shipping included

Unlocked Big logo tee

Big Logo Tee

Beige colored unisex tee with large Unlocked logo on the front and our mission on the back.

$25* *Shipping included

Our Products.

Our belief has been that well designed products do not have to be expensive or exclusive. Knowing we could provide products that give pride in owner as well as meet basic needs, we developed a set of criteria for our initial desk and chair: They should be inexpensive, durable, flat packable, easy to assemble, light, comfortable and beautiful. We are determined that each product we create will meet this set of criteria. Not only that, but all of our products you buy in Amercia are made in America.