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How does it work?

The main goal of Unlocked is to provide supplies to schools who are in need - and as a non-profit organization, all of money we take in goes towards furthering that goal. When you buy a product, a piece of the money goes into the manufacturing and shipping of the item that we send to you - the rest is spent on developing, manufacturing and transporting items to the places where they are most needed.

Unlocked furniture step 1

Step 1: You buy a desk and chair from Unlocked

The first step is simple - you buy a desk and chair from us like you would buy any other product online. However, you're actually buying more than that. You're also contributing to providing a desk and chair to a child in need.

Plywood chair step 2

Step 2: We ship you a desk and chair

Your desk and chair are manufactured in the US, are shipped to you flat packed and will assemble without tools or hardware. A complete desk and chair can be put together in under 5 minutes by a single person. When it's assembled, you have a beautiful and durable wooden desk and chair ready to use.

Non-profit charity step 3

Step 3: A desk and chair are given to a child in need

Desks and chairs are made locally to support the local economies, and the flat packed design and light weight allow them to be transported more easily than typical school furniture. A truck bed that once carried 27 disassembled desks and chairs now carries 60 desks and chairs. This allows us to service the often neglected remote rural areas.

In the end, you get quality pieces of furniture for a reasonable price - and a child in need gets a better environment in which to learn.