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Frequently Asked Questions.

What does Unlocked do?

We provide impoverished areas with basic durable goods, like our C1 Desk and Chair. By designing and developing, our own furniture we are able to sell our products to raise money and continue our mission. As well as better meet the needs of each community. Learn more about Unlocked's mission.

What does flat-pack mean, and why is it important?

When we say flat-pack, what we are referring to is the fact that each item can be broken down into small pieces - so a large piece of furniture can be packed into a relatively small box. In the case of our C1 desk and chair the entire set fits in a box that is only 23"x 32"x 3" and when assembled can support hundreds of pounds. This is not only minimizes waste, shipping cost, and pollution, but also allows our designs to be more easily transported to remote areas where transport may be the largest hurdle. Maximizing the number of items a person can carry or transport in a car or truck is critical for maximizing our overall impact.

What makes Unlocked different than other companies with similar goals?

One main difference is that we are a non-profit organization. Other companies may have charitable goals, but technically may not be charities. What this means is that all the money we take in goes towards furthering our stated goals.

A second difference is that we don't just give supplies, we also produce the products we donate in the area where they will be used. This allows us to support local infrastructure and help communities as a whole to grow.

How can I contribute?

We currently featuring our products on Indiegogo - where you can select items for purchase or simply donate.

Can I decide where my desk and chair are donated?

Unfortunately, no. We develop partnerships with local organizations in impoverished areas, and they help us to distribute our items based on local needs. You can be confident that all donations ultimately improve the life of a child in another part of the world.

Where does the money obtained by Unlocked go?

As a non-profit organization, all the money we take in beyond what is spend making the products you buy are spent furthering our mission of improving learning environments for children in need. The majority of this cost is spent producing furniture for schools, with a small amount covering development costs and overhead, like hosting this website.*

Is Unlocked a certified non-profit organization?

Yes. Unlocked is officially registered with the state of Missouri as a non-profit organization. Our federal paper work has been acknowledged by the IRS as received and in process, unfortunately they are over 1 year behind in filing.

*Unlocked holds final authority over the use of contributions made to our organization. The decisions will be made at our discretion and will be consistent with our stated charitable goals and purposes.