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Media and Press

The Huffington Post

Looking Forward, Giving Back: This Week In Daily Giving

... " 'We believe providing an environment in which to learn comfortably can drastically aid the the growth and education of young people.' The furniture is designed to be easily produced by local craftsmen to make the school furniture in their own communities."

The Pollination Project

Doug VanderValk and Ian Kuklenski, Unlocked: Furniture for Children in Need

... "Doug VanderValk and Ian Kuklenski are enhancing kids’ learning, and the local economy in Uganda, one small plywood chair at a time..."

Kansas City Public Television - KCPTV.org

1 Million Cups with Pet Cooler Carrier and Unlocked Furniture - Article describing recent presentations given by entreprenuers in Kansas City.

... "At its cornerstone, this is a really idealistic plan," ... "It's a non-profit when it doesn't need to be. It involves giving and putting pressures on ourselves to come up with designs that we don't need to. The hope is people get excited to see just conceptually that we're embracing the idea of doing things the right way,..."

The Freshpreneur

A Non-Profit's Unlocked Potential
Article from blog focusing on crowdfunded projects outlining Unlocked's mission and project on Indiegogo.

"The Unlocked business model is one that should inspire other non-profits hopefuls—a solid domestic business at the core that funds the philanthropic efforts to fulfill the organization’s mission. This is important, as the recent global recession has proven to reduce consumer confidence and spending especially toward entities that primarily rely on donations rather than the sale of goods or services..."

Design Spotter

Our C Series furniture features a brief write-up at design blog DesignSpotter.com

1millioncups - Kansas City

1millioncups invited Unlocked to speak to a group of entrepreneurs in the Kansas City area and receive feedback on our concept. recent presentations given by entreprenuers in Kansas City.

Thinking Bigger

Pet Cooler Carriers, Unlocked Present at 1 Million Cups - A brief article describing recent presentations given by entreprenuers in Kansas City.