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Our Mission.

Unlocked Inc. is a non-profit company creating great furniture at great prices, and using the profit to provide furniture to those in desperate need.

About Us

Our concept started by trying to align our skills with needs. Through research we found that in some areas of the world schools lack essential supplies, like furniture. While children lack things like pencils, school uniforms, and books, there are many charities already working to address these needs. We chose to focus on furniture for two reasons. First, because providing a comfortable place to sit with a solid writing surface is a critical but often overlooked need. It is difficult to achieve an effective learning environment when children are forced to sit on the ground. Secondly, our group already had experience developing furniture, so it seemed like a perfect place for us to focus our efforts.  

Before beginning our design process, we came up with a set of criteria for the first products we would develop. They should be inexpensive, durable, flat-packable, easy to assemble, light-weight, comfortable and beautiful. We also have a deep desire to have as efficient organization as possible - keeping costs low, material waste low, and ultimately our prices as low as possible.

Our Long Term Vision

Moving forward, we hope to develop partnerships in impoverished communities around the world and learn more about how they live and what opportunities exist for us to provide help. This may take the form of other products, or helping them set up business opportunities of their own. Ultimately, we would like to become a resource for any group that is in need of durable goods and products and support a message of hope to the underprivileged.

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