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Unlocked Furniture Introduction

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What is non-profit furniture?

We create plywood children's furniture for rural areas around the world in need of basic school supplies. When you buy a piece of furniture from Unlocked, we use the profit to provide furniture for those in need. Our flat pack plywood design and low production cost allows us to furnish entire classrooms in a more efficient way than ever before. Learn more about how non-profit furniture works yellow bullet

Non-profit furniture explained

Our Mission

Our mission is creating great furniture that gives students a better learning environment and the community a sense of pride. By helping provide children a more hospitable school environment we can maximize the teachers' efficiency and help provide a foundation for improved education - and ultimately improved communities. Read More About Us Yellow arrow bullet

Where we are today

We've finished our initial campaign on Indiegogo and are beginning distribution both here in the US and for donation overseas. We've also just launched our products for sale on our site. Click here to buy or donate.green arrow bullet

C1 Desk & Chair

c1 childrens desk and chair group

Durable, comfortable and efficient, the C1 Desk and Chair are constructed from furniture grade baltic birch. Each packs flat, requires no tools or hardware to assemble and supports hundreds of pounds. Learn More Yellow arrow bullet